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Welcome to Mipet my fur friends!

At Mipet, we strongly believe that pets are more than just animals and we understand 100% how important your babies are to you. They are part of our families and are our beloved ones. This is why we will be always on the path of diversifying our lines of products to provide a wide selection for you.

Mipet Tofu Cat Litter

100% food-grade high quality tofu dreg

Mipet Tofu Cat Litter is made by its 100% food-grade high quality tofu dreg. The ingredients are 100% natural, completely biodegradable, non-toxic and there is no need to worry for your fur babies if they accidentally swallow a few litters. It is for all ages: kittens, adults and seniors.

Less is more

One pack (6 bags) of Mipet Tofu Cat Litter could last approximately 4.5 to 6 months for a single cat depending on his age and diet!

- Superior Odor Control

- Extremely Low Tracking

- No Dust At All 

- Quick Absorbent and Solid Clumping

- Gentle Fur Paws

- Flushable