Welcome to Mipet my fur friends!

When you hear about the word “Mipet”, what do you imagine in your mind? I am sure the first word that crosses your mind is “My Pet” but in a more personalized way. 

Mipet, a brand that was founded by a professional cat breeder with two golden retrievers as pets, focuses on designing and manufacturing premium, unique, sophisticated products that fit the varying and diverse needs for your lovely fur babies and families, as well as for our own pets. This is how Mipet was born. We ensure that we have tested and tried all products ourselves for a long period of time before they get onto the market to maintain high quality and great experience for you. 

At Mipet, we strongly believe that pets are more than just animals and we understand 100% how important your babies are to you. They are part of our families and are our beloved ones. This is why we will be always on the path of diversifying our lines of products to provide a wide selection for you. From feline to canine, from the best seller tofu cat litter to a modern designed pet carrier, we will keep creating an easy, contemporary, all-encompassing family life considerate of your fur friends furever!